Areas of Practice


Patent prosecution. Simply put, we have hundreds and hundreds of applications under our belt. From complex electrical circuits and semiconductors to business methods, we have prosecuted all types of applications. We are experienced in building well-rounded portfolios to protect each and every aspect of your invention. We also have extensive experience with examiner interviews and appellate practice to expedite the prosecution of your patent applications. We also draft infringement and invalidity opinions, as well as counsel clients on disclosure systems and portfolio management. Our patent practice areas include:

  • Telecommunications hardware and systems
  • Optics, including scanned projection systems, relays, and lenses
  • Consumer products, electrical and mechanical
  • Complex electrical systems and components
  • Mobile electronic devices
  • Semiconductor devices and circuits
  • Complex mechanical systems, interfaces and devices
  • Wireless accessories and devices
  • Video distribution and content management systems
  • Location and global positioning systems and detection devices
  • Telecommunication hardware and systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Internet systems, portals, and associated processes
  • Electronic measurement systems and sensors
  • Software and embedded firmware systems and methods
  • Networks and network infrastructure
  • Standards, including Telecom (e.g. 3GPP, GSM, TDMA, CDMA)
  • Lighting and illumination systems and components
  • Business methods
  • Information storage and handling systems
  • Industrial systems and assembly machinery
  • Vehicles and associated components
  • Automotive components, systems, and warning devices
  • Energy storage devices and associated charging systems
  • Athletic training systems and methods
  • Golf instruction systems, technologies and methods
  • RFID and other detection and recognition systems
  • Credit offering and management systems
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Culinary tools and related devices
  • Turfgrasses, horticulture systems and devices, and turfgrass management devices
  • Digital and analog audio processing and mastering systems
  • Agricultural technologies, devices, and systems
  • Soil science technologies, devices, and systems
  • Viticultural practices, devices, and systems
  • Enology and corresponding devices and systems
  • Wine making systems and processes
  • Musical Instruments, electronic and acoustic
  • Design patents
  • Related technologies


We have experience with complex copyright prosecution, including appellate practice within the US Copyright Office. From artistic works to sophisticated compilations, the Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group will not only protect your creative, expressive works, but is well suited to provide infringement analysis as well.


The Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group understands that businesses are not built on technology alone. Successful businesses include not only "WOW" products and services, but also skillful brand management. From concept to search to registration to enforcement, we are prepared to ensure that your brand stays just that: your brand.

Trade Secrets

Intellectual property comes in many different forms. Sometimes factors such as enforceability and detectability mean that conventional protections, including patents, copyrights and trademarks, are not the answer. After careful analysis, we will advise you when this is the case. We counsel small inventors and companies alike when keeping proprietary information as trade secrets is warranted.

Portfolio Management

The Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group has extensive experience in portfolio management and mapping. While there is never a substitute for carefully analyzing each asset of your portfolio on a case by case basis, we understand that in today's fast paced business environment, there is sometimes just not enough time. We have the tools and models to counsel clients in portfolio mapping, quantization and classification. Be it for licensing or simply inventory management, we can both save time and simplify your analysis.


In addition to defensive and bargaining factors, we realize that monetization of your portfolio may be central to your business's success. From identification of clusters to negotiating and drafting licenses, we can handle your licensing needs.

Other Areas

Aside from the areas mentioned above, if it involves intellectual property, we are prepared to help. Whether it be licensing, non-disclosure agreements, opinion drafting, infringement analysis, portfolio development, disclosure system counseling, or offensive or defensive assertion, or entertainment and publicity issues, the Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group will assist you with your legal needs.