About the Firm

The Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group was founded after years of experience working for a large corporate legal department. In today's business environment, every competitive advantage must be leveraged for success. Businesses simply cannot afford to leave their intellectual property unprotected. At the same time, every business has a finite prosecution budget. These precious dollars must be maximized to maintain a competitive edge.

It is just this need that the Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group was designed to address. Our goal is to provide a select group of corporate clients with in-house caliber intellectual property services and counsel, with reduced overhead and at economies that will enable your business to build an intellectual property portfolio, rather than having to face the choice of protecting one component of your business at the expense of another.

With years of legal, business, and technical education and experience, combined with state of the art client interface systems and infrastructure, the Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group provides our exclusive group of corporate clients with the professional, personal service expected from an in-house attorney without breaking the bank. We get to know our client's businesses as well as we do our own. In short, we help you maximize the return on your prosecution budget.